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Ming Te company is a leading technology company index in the domestic ozone industry and expected to be have No.1 market share in ozone products. Ming Te staff have built OMB(Ordnance Bench Mark) and a lead brand position.

Sustainable management and steady growth is our goal. Ming Te intends to have sustainable management and integrate different aspects business resource actively.

Moreover, Ming Te keeps researching and developing better health solution for the community.

Innovation : Ming Te stands in front of the trend of healthy and environment kindly, we think that we can continuous grown up to create more business opportunity and high profit by keeping innovating. We hold “innovation of foresight , excellent speed “ to be company’s goal for sustainable management.

Humanity: Ming Te starts from humanity, insists that technology always comes from serving community.
We use of intelligent technology to satisfy the humanity demand of health and comfort. Moreover, we build the better life.

Value: Ming Te thinks the value of product comes from the approval and reputation of consumers.
Ming Te strives to promote the value of company’s product by professional advantage of healthy and environmental kindness leading industry

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